Friday, March 9, 2012

I have recently made the decision to become vegan. I have all the research and my older sister is a vegetarian. Still, my parents do not really support our decisions. My sister is free from them being 25 and all, but I still have a lot to go through with them.

Can you tell me anything that will make my transition to veganism easier even with un-supportive parents??|||Don't get angry with them for not understanding - help them to see why you want to be a vegan! Make a list of facts that describe all the benefits of going vegan ( saving animals lives, this is a truthfully healthy choice, longer life...etc.)

Also it may help to show them sites such as (especially if one of your main reasons for going vegan is because of animal cruelty).

Tell them (and then show them!) how just because you aren't going to be eating meat doesn't mean that you won't still get all the necessary proteins and amino acids that you need. (Rice and beans are a fabulous substitute for meat when it comes to nutrients).

Also you age may have something to do with it. I was 15 when I went vegetarian, so I was old enough that my parents (after I talked with them about it) felt I was responsible enough to handle my eating preferences.

Keep your cool and compile together a list of resources. Be like "mum, dad. I know you are having some doubts about me becoming vegan, but let me show why I want to become vegan and how I can still get the same benefits that I would normally get from meat/dairy." Be prepared to answer their questions - even their really obnoxious ones! lol

I wish you the best of luck and I know exactly what you're going through! :)|||Your parents should be concerned that you are getting proper nutrition from your vegan diet. If you can show them how you can plan your meals to get enough proteins and healthy fats and so forth then maybe they will be more willing to support you. Tell them you will prepare some vegan dishes for them to try. They might decide they like it too.|||Possibly refuse to eat meat no matter what, and after a while they'll get used to it and maybe you can live your lifestyle the way you want it =D|||This is child abuse! If you want to get healthy and your parents are at odds with you!|||Why would you want them to except your lifestyle? That would totally suck.

You should want them to accept your lifestyle.

If you cannot support your lifestyle, then you obviously should change your lifestyle until you can support the lifestyle you want. I mean it is common sense. Just be vegetarian for the time being or if they won't allow that, then wait till you move out then go full on vegan.|||Are they gonna hold you down and force you to ingest meat? Of course not.
It would be helpful to provide them with some information to show them you know how to eat healthily and inform them about the reasons for your choice-there are lots of great websites for this purpose.|||Because of the internet this generation is way ahead of your parents generation. You're much more educated about the harm meats can do to the animals and to us.
Treat them with respect and tell/show them what you friends. Then I'm sure they'll listen to you.|||Move out. |||I can't say much more than what others have already suggested, but here are some of my thoughts.

1. Know in your heart you're doing the right thing (because you are) and don't change your ideals for anyone.

2. Keep your cool with him. Respect their feelings about it. You don't have to agree with them, but respect them.

3. Learn to cook! There is NO better way to convince someone that you're eating a healthy diet than by proving it to them through your cooking.

4. Get your facts straight. When they talk about protein, talk to them about beans and broccoli (they have just as much, if not more, protein than the same serving of meat). When they bring up Omega-3's, teach them about flax and hemp seed (flax and hemp have PLENTY of Omega-3 fatty acids). When they talk about cost, show them how our government subsidies are what actually keep beef costs low (a hamburger actually costs closer to $100 than it does $1). Etc, etc.

5. Be patient with them. I know it's frustrating, but they're older and come from a different time. The things they know about food and nutrition are mostly false. They've been lied to for decades and it'll be tough changing their minds.

6. Be a responsible vegan: Learn to cook, learn to shop, and learn about what you need do in order to be healthy (just because you're eating vegan bean burritos everyday doesn't mean your diet is good for you).

Hope this helped :)|||Just calmly explain to them why it is so important to you. There is nothing wrong with saying, 'I don't think it is right to kill animals for selfish desires like a taste in my mouth. There are plenty of non animal foods that are readily available and better for your health' I mean how can you argue with that.

It took my parents awhile to get used to me being a vegetarian and when I told them I was vegan it didn't shock them. Because I made it very clear to them in the beginning my stand point on why I was choosing that lifestyle.

Hope I could help!|||why should you have to accept their life style ( eating dead animal flesh and dairy products) that has been shown to be unhealthy and dangerous??

you are taking responsibility for your long term health and and proper your example perhaps they will learn a healthy life style and be around for a long time....

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