Friday, February 3, 2012

an alien culture how evil and twisted it is. This planet I went to told me that they once had a culture that ate meat and the meat eaters became extinct. What do you think? Do you think meat eaters will become extinct on planet earth?|||*Count from Sesame Street voice*
One, two, three, FOUR! FOUR posters taking an Ashley troll post seriously. Ahaha!
*shakes head*|||are you 12? Are you a vegan because your mom is a flower child? I can see why you're bitter and weird--you won't know the salty, crunchy pleasure of a fried chicken wing until you're 18, poor thing.|||No. Part of our survival mechanism as humans is the diversity in our diets. If we were limited to what we ate we would be MORE vulnerable to extinction.|||No. I like chicken. Period|||No. meat is good, and it is good for us. besides:
"Bacon tastes good, Pork Chops taste good"|||No. And you visited another planet, interesting............|||Not many :) I know I wouldn't|||Do you mean meat-eating humans, or all omnivores and carnivores? Your alien friends should have made that clear.|||Wow. What planet was that? Hmm - if Aliens say meat is bad, maybe we SHOULD continue to eat it -- maybe they are trying to make us extinct by NOT eating meat so they can have our planet.|||How many vegans would go into positronic overload when they came to the realization of just how much animal by products they were actually consuming in their diets?

Eat meat, wear fur. Recycle dead animals. (It's the "green" thing to do.)|||No way! We have canines well we have tooth Aliens dont.|||I wonder what those aliens taste like. Maybe they could come back, and we would have another food source.|||You need a hobby real bad.|||what? i think you need spankin' dear... wake-up! what planet are you talkin' about|||I think you are out of frickling mind....

Grow up Ash...|||46.

You aren't a vegan.|||I once ate meat, too. Like that alien culture to which you refer, I stopped. Regarding "extinction", there isn't much chance of that here as we have built up quite an industry around meat-eating. Sadly, it is us non-meat eaters who may have fight for survival a al Planet Of The Apes. "Get your hand off of me, you filthy carnivore!"|||I think you might be a bit mental........|||I visited that planet too! They were funny looking creatures, they were black and white and walked on all fours. They spoke in tongues to me, it sounded like MOOOOO! I'm not sure of the dialect. They took me to the head leader and he told me how bad eating meat was and I said "bulls**t" so I cracked him on the head with a sledge hammer and made a burger out of him!|||You need to see a Doctor... ...not a Dieation but a Head Docter.|||

watch this n u will turn vegetarian|||Honey, put on the tinfoil hat.
I used to have a personal cook and I was a vegetarian then. I personally can't cook, so when I had to start fending for myself I needed to eat meat because I couldn't cook veggies properly to make them taste good.
My parents raise livestock so I get hormone and antibiotic-free meat, I guess that's as good as I can do for now until I can afford cooking classes designed for vegetarians (or get another personal chef), LOL!|||No, I highly doubt it. Just like you can plant more plants, they can breed more chickens.


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